Thursday, March 5, 2015

MASTEK - A stock opportunity you can't MISS ! Incredible move possibility


After over 15 years of my experience with Technical Analysis, I find a stock today which has broken out of consolidation after equal years !

Events such as this are RARE and one can't afford to miss them out NO MATTER WHAT!

I request you all to just check on this incredible chart on the monthly basis.

Not only does is confirm a breakout move with huge volumes builtup but there is a BLUE SKY zone much much higher ahead for this stock with practically NO RESISTANCES !

If one is patient investor and holds on to this counter over next 2 YEARS then one can be rewarded with phenomenal returns.

All I can say is - GO OUT AND GRAB IT.


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Sharad Daga said...

excellent analysis premal bhai, hope you continue to provide such wonderful analysis !