Sunday, December 16, 2012

Which Stocks are Outperforming the markets right now?

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Perhaps the most difficult task for traders and investors has been "How do I find stocks outperforming broader market in a given scenario? ".

Well, the answer lies in discovering the same as under :

a) Track all the stocks daily and compare there movement with the market.
b) Compare there percentage rise v/s market movement.
c) Check the sectors in favour and pick right ones from the sector.

Aaah ! That seems quite difficult to do manually.....isn't it?

But, there is a solution to all this in tracking Point and Figure charting. Also, with the right kind of database management system, and queries one can generate a list of out-performance consistently. To put in one word we name it - 


(Mind you - Its all together different then the famous RSI indicator in Technical Analysis)

Well, to start with this I am naming a few stocks we should watch for in coming weeks. I am sure one should be able to discover gems easily from this list.

Buy on small pullbacks:

1) Decolight Ceramics - Near 8.50
2) Redington - Near 85
3) VijayaBank - Near 58-60.
4) Videocon Ind - Near 214.

Looking for safety? and good returns? :

1) BL Kashyap - Near Rs.10
2) Assam Company - Near Rs.7.30-7.40
3) IFCI - Near Rs.33
4) MoserBaer -Near Rs.7

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