Monday, November 30, 2009

Havells - This candidate is RIPE for an UPTREND.

A stock with good volumes & UPFLAG breakout.
See the chart and you can make out why its been recommended. A simple uptrend is seen & the chart has just broken out the upper band of the recent tops. Expect a sharp upmove in the next few days in this stock.
I recommend a BUY at current price - 367, keeping a SL - 343 & Target - 445. The Risk/Return ratio is at 1:3
Cheers !
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Tata Power - Available right at the BOTTOM ! BUY IT.....

Check the chart of TATA POWER.
A clear channel formation in an continued uptrend is visible. No fuss - No mess just plain simple chart showing channel. One can also see MACD crossing above the ZERO line from under. This again is a v.positive indicator of a strong uptrend to come ahead.
The stock (Rs.1354) is right at the bottom of channel & so its a minimum risk buy at this time. Buy with an SL - 1317 (closing basis) & a attractive target of 1554.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mphasis - Bottomed out

Check this out !

For the last 2 days of the week the indian markets fell, but Mphasis kept in GREEN !

This clearly shows its bottomed out for the time irrespective of market. I recommend a buy on it for booking profits on the higher end of the last top.

Marico - A star is born. A constant performer & expect GREAT RETURNS ...


Check out the chart for MARICO. A clear CHANNEL formation can be seen. The stock keeps rising with each bottom formation near the lower trend line of the channel. The last closing is just a TAD above the lower channel line.

I suggest a STRONG BUY with a SL of 98 & target of 125 in next 1 months time. Expect astonishing returns of 20% Plus in just over a month. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

COPPER - Upflag Breakout


Check the chart of copper. Like silver it also is showing an upward breakout with UPFLAG movement.

One can confidently go long with it for a Target of - 366 and SL-214 strictly on closing basis. The Risk/Return ratio at current close of 317 on MCX is highly lucrative.

One can also see - Higher Bottoms formation which confirms the bull move on DOW Theory.

SILVER - Trendline Fully Maintained !


Check out the graph below. See how beautifully the trendline is maintained on the charts for the last 5 months !

The DOW theory of HIGHER TOPS & HIGHER BOTTOM fits perfectly with this chart. One can take long positions in it for sure.

SILVER - Breakout on Charts !


If one checks the chart of silver - you clearly see a breakout UPFLAG movement on the charts. I strongly recommend buying it on MCX - Indian Commodities exchange with a target of Rs.30500 in 2 months times. SL - 27550 strictly on closing basis.