Monday, December 28, 2009

GOLD - looks set for a bounce !

Attached find the gold chart.
I see 4 reasons to buy it at this time.
1) Falling trendline is arrested. Downside seems limited & uptrend may begin.
2) 61.8% retracement from the top is completed at 16600.
3) RSI - falling for sometime now is crossing over
4) Stochastics - D line is 28 which suggests more shorts then long - so is oversold.
Concludes to a reasonable bounce in near future.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alembic - Take this pill for sweet profits.....

A chart which is showing many reasons to buy it here.
1) Higher Bottom reversal
2) MACD crossing to positive zone
3) RSI - Turning positive
4) Stochastics - Oversold & marching upwards.
5) Increased volumes
The stock is one which can be bought at current price - 46, SL- 43, T-56, RR - 1:3
Health sector is also current flavour of the markets.

WIPRO - Marching ahead with self strength.

The stock which keeps marching come what may is seen in this chart. Some theoratical points to consider on chart are,
1) Dow Theory - Higher tops & Higher bottoms !  Trendline is intact for long now.
2) A breakout is clearly seen on the upside.
3) MACD & RSI are both positive.
4) Huge increased volumes
5) IT sector seems to be strong.
I am of the view that one can buy WIPRO for a period of 2 months at current price - 674, SL-652, T-780.
Risk/Return is coming to an attractive - 1:5
Enjoy making money,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

BALRAMPUR CHINI - Add some sweetner to your portfolio.

Stocks rising from under the ZERO line MACD are assumed to be good outperformers in short term. One such stock is this.
Buy this at current price 143, SL-135, T-170, RR-1:3
The strong reasons on the chart are,
1) Channel formation is visible. The stock is bouncing back.
2) MACD - Crossing the ZERO LINE quite convincingly
3) RSI - Positive
I believe there is some action to come in near term for this stock.
Happy minting money,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PENINSULA LAND - Buy your piece of cake on this land...

This stock is quite hammered down in the recent past. Since last 2 days despite of market adverse movements it has been rising.
The points on the chart in its favour are,
1) Broken out of consolidation above 81.
2) MACD- Marching ahead to the positive zone above ZERO
3) The stock is quite hammered down so relatively safe to buy at this point.
4) Volumes have risen today.
I recommend a strong BUY on this stock - 83.5, SL- 78, T- 98 , RR- 1:3

BANCO INDIA - Bank on it !

Todays stock recommendation has BANCO INDIA.
The chart gives us the following confirmations,
1) UPFLAG Breakout
2) Increased Volumes
3) MACD Crossover after a long period.
A traditional charecteristics of a stock to fire !
BUY IT - 85.6, SL- 80, T-100 , RR- 1:3

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nilkamal - Upflag is visible

This stock is showing quite a strength.
1) UPFLAG breakout is clearly visible
2) Volumes - Are rising with each day.
This two point at exciting times on this stock going ahead.
BUY at current price - 171, SL-160, Target- 205, RR-1:3

Edserv - Let the stock serve you......

This stock is one which confirms a lot of indicators on chart.
1) The chart is about to breakout in uptrend.
2) Volumes are building up
3) MACD is crossing in Green after some time.
4) RSI - is positive
5) Stochastics - reasonable at the moment at 51.
I believe this stock should rise slowly for a day or two & then on buyer circuits for more days ahead.
Price - 239, SL-221, Target-296 , RR-1:3
Your comments on this research on are most awaited,

Monday, December 7, 2009

Piramal Health - Fighting the market odds & marching ahead !

On times as this when markets either consolidate or move adversly its really difficult times for a technical analyst to spot winners.
Today, after a lot of scanning on hundreds of chart, finally I came to recommending this one stock.
The chart suggests us 3 things -
1) UPFLAG - Very important for the upmove a breakout on the charts
2) Volumes - A huge voumes spike is clearly visible
3) MACD - A falling MACD is crossing on positive side after a long time. A proof of upmove to continue.
The stock is recommended at close today of 421, SL-413, Target-448, RR- 1:3

Sunday, December 6, 2009

FORTIS Healthcare - BUY this stock & improve your financial health !

Its said - opportunity strikes once ! Well, here it is.
Just look at this chart,
1) The chart has given a breakout on daily & weekly basis. An UPFLAG with alltime high hitting on the charts proves something is cooking it this stock.
2) Increased volume spike confirms the buying in delivery based trade.
What more would you ask for ? A convincing breakout on the charts with volumes to support its a DEFINITE BUY to me.
Go for it with a months target & mint profits.
Close - 120, SL-115, Target - 137, RR - 1:3
P.s : All the levels given on this BLOG for all stocks is by defualt STRICTLY on CLOSING BASIS. No intraday levels.

Bharti Airtel - Looks like the worst is out - Buy it.

See the attached chart. Bharti Airtel is bouncing back with conviction on the charts. The strong reason for BUY are,
1) Double Bottom. The stock takes support at 274 which also is a previous low & bounced back. Theoratically it should rise 50% of the fall from top.
2) The falling trendline has been arrested with rising tops. The trend reversal is clearly visible.
I suggest a buy on. Close - 310, Sl - 303, T-355, RR-1:6

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ESSDEE - Aluminium might SHINE after Gold & silver.

Take a look at the ESSDEE chart.
1) After a long period the MACD has been rising with cross in GREEN from under zero line. A strong indicator for uptrend.
2) Volumes have rised on buying side despite of rangebound market in the last few sessions.
I believe this stock can rise if bought with a slight market risk as this juncture.
Price - 364, SL-341, Target -440, RR-1:3.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Indraprashtha GAS - The GAS will burn more FIRE now !

Check this chart.
1) After a long period in consolidation the stock has broken out.
2) ADX - 30 suggests GOOD strength in the UPTREND.
The reasons and the explanation on the chart is simple to interpret & buy this stock with confidence.
Invest for about a month & earn v.good returns - 172, SL-169, Target- 197, RR-1:8
Cheers !

EID PARRY - Broken out of consolidation. BUY IT & MINT MONEY.

The chart of EID PARRY shows a clear breakout from consolidation after 4-5 months.
The stock is perfect to bu at this juncture. 2 Strong reasons :
1) The stock is showing ADX of 22 which confirms the UPTREND.
2) UPFLAG is clearly visible which points to a next strong upmove.
I recommend BUY on at with current price 344, SL - 338 & Target- 402. The Risk/Return ratio is 1:8.

The INTERNET now has a personality. YOURS! See your Yahoo! Homepage.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Havells - This candidate is RIPE for an UPTREND.

A stock with good volumes & UPFLAG breakout.
See the chart and you can make out why its been recommended. A simple uptrend is seen & the chart has just broken out the upper band of the recent tops. Expect a sharp upmove in the next few days in this stock.
I recommend a BUY at current price - 367, keeping a SL - 343 & Target - 445. The Risk/Return ratio is at 1:3
Cheers !
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Tata Power - Available right at the BOTTOM ! BUY IT.....

Check the chart of TATA POWER.
A clear channel formation in an continued uptrend is visible. No fuss - No mess just plain simple chart showing channel. One can also see MACD crossing above the ZERO line from under. This again is a v.positive indicator of a strong uptrend to come ahead.
The stock (Rs.1354) is right at the bottom of channel & so its a minimum risk buy at this time. Buy with an SL - 1317 (closing basis) & a attractive target of 1554.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mphasis - Bottomed out

Check this out !

For the last 2 days of the week the indian markets fell, but Mphasis kept in GREEN !

This clearly shows its bottomed out for the time irrespective of market. I recommend a buy on it for booking profits on the higher end of the last top.

Marico - A star is born. A constant performer & expect GREAT RETURNS ...


Check out the chart for MARICO. A clear CHANNEL formation can be seen. The stock keeps rising with each bottom formation near the lower trend line of the channel. The last closing is just a TAD above the lower channel line.

I suggest a STRONG BUY with a SL of 98 & target of 125 in next 1 months time. Expect astonishing returns of 20% Plus in just over a month. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

COPPER - Upflag Breakout


Check the chart of copper. Like silver it also is showing an upward breakout with UPFLAG movement.

One can confidently go long with it for a Target of - 366 and SL-214 strictly on closing basis. The Risk/Return ratio at current close of 317 on MCX is highly lucrative.

One can also see - Higher Bottoms formation which confirms the bull move on DOW Theory.

SILVER - Trendline Fully Maintained !


Check out the graph below. See how beautifully the trendline is maintained on the charts for the last 5 months !

The DOW theory of HIGHER TOPS & HIGHER BOTTOM fits perfectly with this chart. One can take long positions in it for sure.

SILVER - Breakout on Charts !


If one checks the chart of silver - you clearly see a breakout UPFLAG movement on the charts. I strongly recommend buying it on MCX - Indian Commodities exchange with a target of Rs.30500 in 2 months times. SL - 27550 strictly on closing basis.