Monday, March 1, 2010

What will be benefitted with BUDGET 2010?

POTS of data has been feed on us post budget.
Someone is taking to GDP, Growth etc. while someone is suggesting us
whats gonna be expensive and what cheaper. But who is going to tell us
what sectors are benefitted the most this budget ?
Well, you have reached the right place with this post to find out. CONGRATS!
My analysis says two sectors are gonna rock no matter what the fundamentals suggest us internationally or nationally.

1) IT


The most obvious reasons you might ask me ------> WHY?

A population of 2000+ in Indian village will have a BANK now !
Wonderfull. But, how will the banks be able to do this even if RBI
extends full support for this annoucement. I am confident that IT is
the solution to maximise this reach. Big big contracts for IT companies
are going to comeup in the next 1 year domestically.

2) Everyone
is shouting GREECE, PORTUGAL, SPAIN these days. Well what happens if
this becomes a reality? First, weak EURO. Which equals to STRONG
DOLLAR. And then what does strong dollar mean ? --------> THE

3) Its nice to
see the FM extend us more disposable income with IT limits raised. So
now we are either gonaa

1) Consume , 2) Invest in stock markets OR 3)
Bank deposit this money. This are the most direct 3 ways one can manage
this more cash now.

4) Healthcare is gonna rock as it is directly
connected with your disposible income. Since budget 2010 has given us
more cash people are gonna ask for better facilities in this sector and
most of them would even consider having mediclaim policies to cover it
up with a nominal premium. I am suggesting you all to keep a check on
Fortis, Apollo etc. They are a good investment for 1 year horizon.

Friends, I am not an expert on budget analysis but atleast I am able to spot whats in it for me as a investor of stock markets.
I will appreciate your comments on this post with your view.


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