Sunday, December 6, 2009

FORTIS Healthcare - BUY this stock & improve your financial health !

Its said - opportunity strikes once ! Well, here it is.
Just look at this chart,
1) The chart has given a breakout on daily & weekly basis. An UPFLAG with alltime high hitting on the charts proves something is cooking it this stock.
2) Increased volume spike confirms the buying in delivery based trade.
What more would you ask for ? A convincing breakout on the charts with volumes to support its a DEFINITE BUY to me.
Go for it with a months target & mint profits.
Close - 120, SL-115, Target - 137, RR - 1:3
P.s : All the levels given on this BLOG for all stocks is by defualt STRICTLY on CLOSING BASIS. No intraday levels.

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